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Good Practice: Self-Assessment Test

Complete this test and check your results to find out whether your product, service, initiative or project theoretically fulfils the requirements set out by the Design for All Foundation for selection as a "Good Practice".

Please note that the result obtained is not binding: it is simply to give you an idea of your chances of success and the areas in which you may need to improve.

Demonstrate that the accessibility or usability of your product or service has been improved in relation to an existing situation or to its competitors.

Select the aspects of human diversity which have been taken into account.
Sexual orientation
Cultural background
Physical and mental capabilities
Pregnancy and maternity
Religion or belief
Marriage or civil partnership
A minimum of one of these characteristics should have been taken into account, while none should be adversely affected.

Demonstrate that users have been taken into account and / or have participated in the design process by answering the following questions:

Has your organisation's knowledge about the requirements and wishes of a diverse range of people been improved?
Have expert consultants been involved?
Have users been consulted?
Has a co-creation process with users been undertaken?
Click YES or NOT in all questions.
Your answer should include at least one "YES"

The example of good practice submitted should have improved the existing situation in the following aspects. Allocate a score from 1 to 5 for each, where 1 = "Not at all" and 5 = "Completely".

1 2 3 4 5
Respect for human diversity
Ease of understanding
Ecology and sustainability
Score each aspect without leaving any blank
A score of at least 20 should be obtained, with none of the criteria being negatively affected to a great extent.

The solution adopted must have followed one of the following 7 strategies:

A solution for all
A single solution which is suitable for all possible users.
A single solution which adapts to different people’s characteristics, providing devices or mechanisms which allow adaptation of its dimensions and functions by the user.
Range of options
A range of options adapted to the individual characteristics of different users.
Compatible with commonly used accessories
Consideration should be given to non-marginalising adaptations or alternative systems which make the product or service compatible with accessories which already exist on the market.
Premises/product + complementary service
For situations in which it is impossible to satisfy user needs solely through a product or space, so it has to be complemented by an accompanying service.
An alternative option
A product or service which, while being different to that used by the majority, offers similar benefits.
A personalised solution
It will occasionally be necessary to provide a personalised solution, due to an individual’s specific characteristics or those of the service offered.
At least one of this requirements should be fulfilled.

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