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Entry criteria

The awards are open to public and private organisations, governments, professionals, not-for-profit organisations, networks, associations, consortia or any other type of union of organisations, temporary or permanent, as long as they are formally established as such, from any country.


Projects, initiatives products or services submitted must meet the criteria for excellence in order to be selected as a "Good Practice" by the Design for All Foundation. If desired, prospective candidates can complete a self-assessment test, based upon the criteria established by the Foundation, to help determine the likelihood of their entry being selected as a Good Practice. Click here to complete the test.

In the event of an entry not being selected as a Good Practice, the candidate will receive a comprehensive report detailing the reasons for the decision along with areas for improvement.

All entries received from 1 January 2019 until 21 February 2020 and selected as Good Practices will automatically be entered into the “International Design for All Foundation Good Practices Awards 2020”.

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