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Good Practice 2014
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Podo Touch

Mendy & Boudeguer Arquitectos-Accesibilidad Universal Ltda.


Logo of Mendy & Boudeguer Arquitectos-Accesibilidad Universal Ltda. Picture of Pavement Edge tactile flooring for Subway Platform

The "Pavement Edge tactile flooring for Subway Platform" project is part of the 14 measures committed by Metro, which aim to improve the quality of service, due to high demand of 2.5 million users a day, and within the implementation corporate strategic program "Universal Accessibility", which brings together initiatives to improve and implement the conditions to be met by stations and trains throughout the Metro system, proposed by Mendy & Boudeguer Arquitectos-Accesibilidad Universal Ltda, to be understandable and usable by all people in safety and comfort , as independently and naturally as possible.

The lack of a tactile flooring pavement on the edge of the subway platform Santiago, prevents people with visual disabilities can warn the start of the safety zone of platforms, thus constituting a risk condition of life for these people. The existing yellow line is just a visual warmer.

This pavement warns the edge of the platform of the railway. Its configuration consists of a flexible plate 2mm thick, RAL 1018 yellow, with convex buttons 3.5mm height, spaced 5cm axis. It measures 1000 mm long, 240 mm wide chamfer on both sides, weight of 900 grams.

Use of this pavement is necessary, especially for users with visual disabilities to grasp the limit of the security zone to wait for the train and not fall to the railways tracks by accident when the train is not on the platform.

It is made of non-slip material is self-extinguishing, non-toxic, contrasting colour, with maximum heights, with geometries criterion Universal Design, all conditions that allow easy detection by foot or cane by people with visual disabilities. No minded use by people with accessories such as canes, wheelchairs, strollers.

Made of PVC, acrylonitrile and polymeric plasticizer injected.

From the Department of Engineering Santiago subway, and with the company De Vicente Plastics could develop different samples that were tested by people with different disabilities, achieving implement this final product in the 22 stations with bigger audiences.

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