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Good Practice 2014
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Door to door service

Transports Ciutat Comtal, SA


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The transport of people with reduced mobility: “door to door service”, is a transport service from the Municipal Institute for People with Disabilities of City of Barcelona(IMD) and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB) which TCC is awarded.

It is a complementary service to regular public transport when it is avaible isn't adapted.

This service is intended for people with disabilities and reduced mobility should carry out a journey can not be done at regular adapted transport. They must be registered in Barcelona, should have the white card.

We performed two types of service: fixed and sporadic/immediate. The fixed services are performed when repeated times, origin and destination when it can be programmed in advance. When these conditions are not given, the trips is done with sporadic/immediate service.

This service is available every day of the year, from 7:00 to 0:00 on working days Monday to Thursday and Sunday and from 7:00 to 2:00 on Saturdays and holidays.

To access the service user should contact Cetramsa. If it is for a fixed service must submit a written request detailing the reason for the trip which, Cetramsa, will answer in 3 weeks. Once granted, it must be renewed annually.

If this is the request of sporadic service only, this can be done by phone in advance a maximum of 48 hours and a minimum of 1 hour or by email 2 days in advance.

The granted or denial of service will depend on the verification, by Cetramsa, that travel by public regular transport isn't avaible and/or the person can't use public transport. After checking this point, you should have available vehicles.

The fixed services can be performed on minibus or taxi, while sporadic/immediate service realizes taxi(adapted or not depending on the needs of the user).

The fleet is available 24 minibuses, 64 adapted taxis and 1000 no adapted taxis.

Taxis adapted managed by a company which is a shareholder of TCC, SA. This cooperation generates synergies of business types that result in better service operation

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