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Good Practice 2014
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Design Export



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Design Export is a program that supports Brazilian export-oriented companies to develop innovative products and services with a differentiated design. The objective is to offer Brazilian companies a simple, instructive and objective methodology, which may guide them on how to apply innovation principles in the development process of new products, using design as one of the tools in this process.

Launched in 2013, Design Export’s goal is to stimulate ­ by employing design principles - the creative and innovative potential of Brazilian industries as a way of gaining competitiveness, thus positioning Brazilian products in a differentiated way on the international market. The program leverages innovative entrepreneurial initiatives and creates conditions so that small companies can reach the foreign market in more competitive conditions, allowing cost reduction, access to new markets and an increase in the added value of their products. With a focus on Brazilian industries linked to trade associations that have partnerships with Apex-Brasil, the program stimulates the development of innovative products with good design, geared towards exporting, including innovation and design management as tools for international competitiveness and better positioning of Brazilian products and services abroad.

Globalized competition requires that companies continually launch new products so that they can be competitive players in the international market. However, developing a new product is a large and risky task. Entrepreneurs must include innovation and design as instruments for technological development and for industrial excellence – collaborating with a more sustainable growth of their companies and increasing the creation of more and better jobs for Brazilian workers.

The initiative serves as a bridge between entrepreneurs and design professionals. The project also promotes training for companies, through seminars on the concepts of design and innovation, and by making available tools for monitoring and online services.

The development of this program was made possible by a partnership with Centro Brasil Design (CBD), which is an organization specializing in planning, developing and implementing strategic projects and design processes for the Brazilian industry and government bodies, with the objective of improving competitiveness and Brazil’s economic and social development.

The Brazilian trade associations are also key partners in this program, since they are responsible for its dissemination and for indicating companies from within their sectors to take part on the program through the analysis of their export growing potential, using a competitive intelligence methodology created by Apex-Brasil’s Business Intelligence and Corporate Strategy Unit

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