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Good Practice 2019
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies

Tourism For All - Toolkit

Catalan Tourist Board


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Amongst the Catalan Tourist Board's (CTB) aims concerning accessible tourism and tourism for all, is the one to contribute enhancing better tourism for all experiences in Catalonia.

The CTB has therefore developed a series of strategies for helping small and medium businesses to work towards this aim and one of the outputs is this "Tourism For All Toolkit". This manual displays inclusive design principles to help travel professionals to design for inclusion with decisions they make daily in their organizations. Hotels, camping sites, rural accommodation services, etc. can find an easy to go manual, very visual, with information to adapt infrastructures and services to all customers, no matter age, genre, or abilities.

This toolkit pretends to be an easy way to understand how services can be simply adapted and designed for all.

This initiative is underpinned by the fundamental principle that tourism accessibility must be conceived as a factor that is intrinsic to the “quality of tourism products”, promoted for many years by the Catalan Tourist Board and the Directorate General for Tourism. Accomplishing high-quality tourism is essential for achieving the full satisfaction of the tourism customer and to ensure the competitiveness of the Catalan tourism industry.

The differences in image between the tourism destinations do not lie in their products but rather in the emotional enjoyment derived therefrom, in the way tourism is experienced and enjoyed in a given destination. Thus, conveying an image aimed at all individuals without distinction or any form of exclusion fosters the development of tourism in the destination and the achievement of true tourism for all. Consequently, accessible tourism is a distinctive plus point and can help to transform the sector and increase revenue through the implementation of social responsibility policies.

The main benefits obtained thus far as a result of implementing these actions are as follows:

- Facilitating access to the use and enjoyment of tourism services across a large swath of the population characterised by the industry’s mitigation of seasonality and multi-customer nature.

- Recognising, thanks to tourism-related promotional and publicity actions, the companies in the various tourism sub-sectors that fulfil the proper access requirements for people with disabilities or reduced mobility.

- Ascertaining the levels of accessibility of the entire spectrum of tourism products and services by way of a diagnostic study of the situation.

- Educating and raising the awareness of tourism operators and experts in local and provincial authorities as to the importance of taking accessibility into consideration in the planning and management of tourism policies.

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