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Good Practice 2019
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies

Universally Designed Sustainable Housing Complex in an Historical Urban Context in Athens

YANNIOTIS & ASSOCIATES, Architects & Consulting Engineers


Logo of YANNIOTIS & ASSOCIATES, Architects & Consulting Engineers Images of the project

Yanniotis & Associates Architectural Bureau, in collaboration with V. Kalopisis our Research Associate, Coordinator of the NGO "Petagma", Association for the Supported Living of persons with intellectual Disabilities, and Synergy Management Consulting are proposing a sustainable fully accessible residential complex concept. This is a pilot study aimed at spreading a new housing model and attracting stakeholders interested in implementing similar bands in Athens and elsewhere.

This project is about a collective housing supported living complex surrounded by Philopappos, a historic downtown neighbourhood of Athens, rich in preserved neoclassical buildings and a strong neighbourhood character being at the center of a large city Athens. The complex belongs to an organization, NGO or body that hosts vulnerable groups living in an organized collective community and may be families, the elderly, people with intellectual disabilities, immigrants and the like.

They consider this project to promote and make known to the general public in Greece and abroad the key advantages of UD in combination with the demand for green technology as a model of sustainable development. It will demonstrate that the UD also fits into buildings or complexes with modern aesthetics that do not refer to closed institutional structures.

The social impact is equally important because it (re)integrates socially vulnerable groups of people with work and joint participation in a multitude of activities with neighbourhood and city residents. It thus becomes a cultural attraction in the city where interpersonal relationships are developed through social, cultural, leisure revenue-generated activities.

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