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Good Practice 2019
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Adaptation of community gardens for people with disabilities

Josefina Ocampo Universal Design Study


Josefina Ocampo Universal Design Study logo and project Images of the project

The project developed by Josefina Ocampo Universal Design Study consists of the adaptation of areas and sectors, including furniture, designed in agroecological activities, for people with disabilities. It covers the approach of various disabilities, including people with motor, visual, auditory, and mental disabilities.

The garden is a pedagogical tool that allows direct contact of students with nature generating multiple benefits, such as the optimization of learning processes. The need to explore the world and that curiosity enhances your attention, and attention together with memory, form the basis of knowledge. If we also include procedures that facilitate learning for people with disabilities, accompanied by techniques, forms or ways that accompany these procedures, we will achieve quality inclusive processes.

The project aims to create a tool for social transformation to prioritize and support the creation of futures based on learning and experience and to strengthen social responsibility and allow people with disabilities to be trained, trained professionally and achieved competence and work autonomy. This project emerges as an action to face the challenges of the current era and move forward with works and actions aimed at improving neighborhoods, both from the urban and from the social. The objective is that the project be sustainable over time and allow independent and profitable production for each student.

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