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Good Practice 2019
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Johan Cruyff Stadium

Batlle i Roig Architecture, SLP


Project logo Different photographs of Antonio Navarro Wijkmark of the project

The New Johan Cruyff Stadium project for Barcelona FC, develop by develop by the company Batlle i Roig Architecture, is part of the expansion of the Joan Gamper training facility, along with all the operations for Espai Barça. The requirements contemplate the building of a new stadium to host the games of the affiliated, female, and the junior teams.

Hosting 6,000 spectators, a relatively small venue, the stadium could have been solved with a single low bleacher. However, the will to conceive a high standard stadium, fulfilling the requirements of a UEFA Cat III stadium, compelled us to install bleachers higher than the rest of the stadium. The proposal integrates this important asymmetry in a single gesture, generating a unifying perception within the whole complex that provides the project with its iconic image.

The new Johan Cruyff stadium, 137,5 meters long and 110 meters wide, is made up by a platform building hosting most of the building's facilities and a low U-shaped roof enclosing the field's perimeter. This way all the bleachers remain sheltered, encircling the field with no interruption around the corners, generating maximum proximity between players and spectators.

The building continues with the orthogonal direction of the training facility adapting to the site's existing topography and the facing streets. Exterior urban arrangement is distributed on two large platforms surrounding the stadium. The main pedestrian entrance is located at the lower level +20.60, generating a civic square framed by the stadium's main elevation and Can Felip, a renovated manor house. The Press, VIP, and staff entrances are also located on this level. A pedestrian ramp connects with the higher level +24,35 encircling the perimeter of the whole stadium. Most surface parking is concentrated on these platforms and this is where the stadium is accessed, through the entrances located on all four corners.

The stadium is accessed at street level, and on this level, spectators move until they reach their seats. Following the classical Greek theater model, spectators always reach their seat from the superior level. This gesture provides a general view of the whole stadium upon arrival, improving the user's comprehension of space. Bleachers are placed on two levels, aiming at improving views for all spectators and being as close as possible to the field. Vertical communication runs along exterior staircases for the general public and a central staircase with lifts for VIP, press, and internal operations. This core communicates the different levels of the platform building where the main uses are distributed on different levels according to user groups.

The exterior image of the stadium is characterized by a neutral color plinth of prefab concrete elements and perforated folded metal sheets; contrasting with an envelope of red metal trays on the upper levels. On the platform's main elevation, a second light skin made with anodized aluminium circular discs stretches throughout the whole length of the building serving as solar protection, while generates support for messages with a large presence from the exterior of the stadium.

This way, the project for the new Johan Cruyff stadium consolidates as an iconic ensemble, without complex or superfluous strategies, linked to the club, its colors, and its values.

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