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Good Practice 2019
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

T-shirt called Honesties, a universal design

NSW inc/Honesties


Honestis logo Different images of the T Shirts

This project is the proposal of a universal design for T-shirt made by company to Honestiess.

The first of all, the T-shirt called Honesties unlimited, support everyone to wear and take off underwear/T-shirt without any stress because Honesties does not have inside-out and front-back side.

In everyday life, T-shirts are often turned inside out when people taking off T-shirt. In particular, T-shirt directly touching on the skin, such as underwear and sportswear, are often wet due to sweat. That makes hard to take off T-shirt without inside-out. However, T-shirts must be turned inside out when people wear in the next time or wash. If people forget to turn it over again, that causes not only to increases the time for tiding up of the T-shirt, but also to make the user's fashion sense poor and the comfort may be impaired. The underwear without front-back and inside-out can make stress free and people get comfortable of their looks.

In other words, it is possible to reduce housework time and reduce the stress people felt at some numbers of point that need to be considered when taking on T-shirts in the daily life. Honesties leads extra time and create room in people heart. In addition, it is useful for the elderly people who are apt to lose their attention or the small children who can’t control their movements by themselves well because honesties needs only the smallest steps to wear.

Moreover, disabled people with their eyes generally distinguish the T-shirts front-back by the inner tag. Honesties erase the time for checking inner tag and will help their life when they wear T-shirt smoothly and without mistakes.

Originally, honesties idea was grown by the man who never change inside-out of the T-shirt in any occasion, but as the product became known to many people, Many type of people like "children with disabilities", "disabled persons with their eyesight" or "elderly people" has high expectations for this product because it may possible to change their life more comfortable. We are sure that honesties can support many people and this certification helps us to inform this idea is really great for all people.

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