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Good Practice 2019
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Ludic Elements for Children with Autism

Josefina Ocampo Universal Design Study


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The project developed by Josefina Ocampo Universal Design Study is based on playful solutions for children with autism. It aims to encourage play and recreation through colourful elements, attractive shapes and sounds. In addition, it encourages the game between two or more participants, which creates an environment of exchange and play at the same time.

The methodology is based on Game-Based Learning because it can be verified that the child's way of acting with autism, through play, is. Due to their relationship with the game, many parents and teachers use the games as a vehicle and a learning support tool. The assimilation of knowledge and the application of game design techniques in different environments improve learning processes, but not creating a complete game in itself, but with the inclusion of certain rules or game mechanics. The methodology of the game and learning are ideal and encourage participation, motivation, empowerment in the child. A variety of cognitive processes develop, and the child implements processes to identify, analyse, recognize, associate, reflect, reason, deduce, induce, decide, explain, and create.

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