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Good Practice 2019
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

THE SKY TO BE TOUCHED: Astronomy exhibition for blind and visually impaired people

Disruptive Technology Center (CTD) of the University of San Pablo Tucumán


Logo of Disruptive Technology Center (CTD) Pictures of the objects

The International Astronomical Union he celebrated his 100th anniversary inviting all the members to organize outreach activities during 2019.

On the occasion of this celebration Disruptive Technology Center organized an exhibition this astronomy exhibition for blind and visually impaired people.

The goal was to include this people in Astronomy which is an activity full of images.

The Disruptive Technology Center (CTD) there are different innovative technological development projects.

Astronomy is not one of the main projects and this exhibition meant a great challenge.

The objects for the exhibition were built and some of them design at the CTD.

We have the advice of Alberto Yraidini (blind), Mariana Romano (Impaired person) and Mabel Luna (Brille instructor).

The exhibition took place at the Centro Cultural of the Universidad de San Pablo Tucumán.

For the opening we have the performance of Alberto Yraidini, musician and composer. One of the of the musical themes he performed was THE SKY TO BE TOCUHED, of his authorship.

We invite people with normal vision to cover their eyes to touch the objects, in the way the blind and visually impaired people do.

When we see the sky, we see it in two dimensions. For instance, we don’t have the capability to realize that two stars that we see one next to the other, could be in different distances.

With the objects, like Orion Constellation we realize that the sky is in three dimensions.

About 150 people visited the exhibition.


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