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Good Practice 2019
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

The Integrative Unit Model

Shekulo Tov Group


Shekulo Tov Group Logo Image Shekulo Tov Group Social Impact Report- 2018

The Integrative Unit Model was developed in Shekulo Tov Group in collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of Health.

The model is based on a new and advanced approach of 'Train & Place', which means training and placing service user simultaneously. While advancing and building capabilities and knowledge in different areas of expertise, the service user can be implemented in a job in the open job market. This ongoing process bridges the gap between sheltered and supported employment and creates a unique support system and a 'safety net' for service users, who can return to his unit and receive the support he needs even after being placed in the open job market.

The Integrative Unit Model has five main principles:

  1. Zero exclusion- anyone can do it! We believe every service user has the potential to work in the free market and start the process when they choose.
  2. Personal choice- no pre-determined order – the service user can choose any option and combination of options they believe are right for them and their recovery process.
  3. A wide range of on-going options & possibilities- every unit must include as many options as possible for the service users to choose from.
  4. Team of specialists- recovery, work, business- each an expert in their field and support the service user together.
  5. Affiliation- one “home base” unit- affiliation is a sense of belonging, of being a part of something. The service user is still a part of the unit even after integrating in the free market and can choose to come visit, take part in activities or come back to the training if they feel the need.

When all these principles are being applied- we see more and more people choose get and keep jobs in the open job market. All Shekulo Tov Group Units and activities are based in the community and try to create a working environment that simulates best and most accurate the job environments in the open job market. in addition, the model can be adjusted to different population of people, dealing with different disabilities.

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