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Good Practice 2019
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

“Box Solidary”

Cassià Just Foundation


Logo de Cuina Justa/Cassià Just Foundation Images of products

Box Solidary”, produced for social economy company that works by carrying out the mission of the Cassià Just Foundation, is defined as a quality food, healthy, solidarity and sustainable.

Cooked with ecological and proximity raw materials, it’s presented in compostable and recyclable packaging, making it an ideal dish for any gastronomic experience.

The raw materials for the gastronomy are chosen from local and organic producers, including our own orchards (Cal Tudela), where a land exploitation project is promoted with the aim of promoting sustainability and the proximity economy.

The sustainability of “Box Solidary” is reinforced by excellent packaging; manufactured from sugar cane, corn and recyclable plastic with the aim of minimizing the ecological footprint and facilitating the management and reduction of waste.

The menus are made with seasonal products and designed to maintain a healthy diet thanks to an adequate caloric intake and adequate cooking.

The “Box Solidary” is a way to enjoy a quality meal in those situations that you don’t want to move outside and at the same time, collaborate directly with the generation of jobs for people with mental fragility and risk of social exclusion.

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