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Good Practice 2019
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Accessible City (Make the city of Borås accessible)

City of Borås


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Borås is a growing city located in the South western region of Sweden. It is the Swedish centre for textile and fashion and a historical city of commerce with 1500 import and export companies. The aim is to make Borås into an accessible city. The general goal is to increase both physical and cognitive accessibility in the city.

As part of the strategic work we have ensured personal resources and established a solid cooperation with the disability councils. We have identified the four factors that we need to fulfil the project plan, development, outputs and potential. These four factors are:

1.Political ambitions

2.National and local policies

3.Expertise within the organisation

4.Close collaboration with disability organisations

Through the strategic work and the close collaboration with the disability organizations we have created possibility to improve accessibility in our city. The strategic work the city has resulted in many concrete results that is sustainable and useful for its citizen. For instance, public spaces such as theatre, libraries and museums are accessible both on the inside and outside. In addition, we have also increased the number of trained professionals with competence of how to use the concept of universal design to increase accessibility in the city. The accessible buildings, increase knowledge about people with disability, increase competence of using alternative communication and easy to read document provide greater possibility for inclusion.

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