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Good Practice 2017
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Intervention in building- University Residence - Academic Area - Horco Molle - UNT

University National of Tucuman with Arq, Graciela Rotella Mirta & Arq, Josefina Ocampo


Logos of University National of Tucuman and Arq, Graciela Rotella Mirta & Arq, Josefina Ocampo Image of project

Intervention in building, developed by architects Graciela Rotella Mirta and Josefina Ocampo of University National of Tucuman, to achieve three fundamental aspects in the Continuous Accessibility Chain.

- To Access - to all physical and architectural spaces.

- Displacement or circulation - being able to explore them vertically and horizontally.

- To use all the spaces-services and products, both inside and outside, with absolute comfort -security and maximum personal autonomy.

The aims of the project are:

To encourage the inclusion of students with disabilities to achieve a university degree, with flexible strategies, to be able to achieve it successfully.

Contemplating accessibility from a global point of view, within a crosscutting framework – According to the training demands that the "National Accessibility Plan - National Law No. 24,314" contemplates.

To promote themes within the academic field, which are not currently contemplated.

This academic residence is one of the few buildings of the UNT that was intervened considering all the guidelines of universal design (design for all.) Trying to introduce this worldwide avant-garde theme, which at the time allowed the performance of important events for all people under equal conditions.

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