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Good Practice 2017
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Ability and desire to welcome people with disabilities in France: a Mark of excellence

Association Tourisme & Handicaps


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In 2001 the Association Tourisme & Handicaps created a unique, ground-breaking scheme to enhance tourism services in France and its Overseas Territories by providing disabled people with properly adapted, approved facilities as an integral part of the general tourism offer. Pledging reliable access for disabled people to tourism services.

The scheme’s flagship is the Tourism & Disability Mark, a quality mark supported by the French State pledging independent access to holiday and leisure services and facilities.

That Symbol of excellence it is awarded to tourist sites which voluntarily undertake the qualifying process and meet detailed criteria forming part of a national frame of reference (300+ accessibility standards).

This innovative process for the first time includes the 4 major disabilities – auditory – mental – motor - visual – both globally and cohesively, without hierarchy or inequality.

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