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Good Practice 2017
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Adequacy of spaces for older adults, technical aids, training and teaching of alternatives

Arq. Josefina Ocampo


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Transformation of housing for the elderly and disabled to facilitate their permanence and quality of life in the home. In this functional adaptation, made by architect Josefina Ocampo, of housing can be considered three types of interventions, each with its characteristics and relevance: the removal of barriers in accesses and common elements of the building (stairs, corridors, elevator), the adaptation by works within the housing, and the provision of technical aids designed to facilitate or enable the realization of activities of daily living in the home. However, it is common to refer to the interventions that take place inside the house, but those that occur in the common areas of the building and immediate urban environment are not addressed. These are referred to as the removal of urban barriers and must also be addressed.

The purpose or objective of an adaptation is to modify disabling environments to restore or allow independent living, privacy, trust and dignity of individuals and their families. It is not only a task of carrying out works, equipping or modifying a home, but of providing an individualized solution to the problems of people who experience an environment that incapacitates them.

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