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Good Practice 2017
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Zipper system



Logo of Zicla Image of the Zipper system

Zipper system, produced by Zicla, is a modular and multifunctional system integrated by two robust pieces of high visibility designed to separate traffic flows on roads. It arises as a response to the demand of cities, for new separation elements for traffic, especially for segregated bike lanes designed at the center of the road.

The Zipper system has been the result of an eco-innovation process, including road safety, mobility in cities and circular economics applying to new materials. The material used - plastic waste from PVC - is also 100% recyclable, it has a great resistance to weathering and its flexibility allows to cushion impacts coming from motor vehicles.

The two pieces that make up the Zipper system are robust but lightweight thanks to its internal structure of beam panels anchored to the floor by four anchors which ensure an excellent fixation on the pavement. It incorporates reflective bands that give them high visibility, day and night. The design of these bands can be customized. The shape of the pieces of Zipper is designed with a straight section to prevent cars to invade the bike lane and with a smooth profile for bikes to avoid crashing. It also incorporates a non-slip texture for the bike tire.

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