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Good Practice 2017
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Seable Holidays

Seable Holidays

United Kingdom

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Seable is a social enterprise which provides accessible, active holidays that challenge the perceptions of disability.

Currently they work with two main types of people with disabilities: the blind and visually impaired; and the physically impaired and wheelchair users. Currently in the UK, holidays for disabled people tend to be overpriced and limited to the provision of accommodation and transport.

Seable offers stimulating and inspiring tailor-made holidays that improve self-confidence and develop skills for life. The holidays include a fully accessible package of sport, leisure and cultural activities. Seable’s packages can also provide all travelling, catering and accommodation, as well as a fully professional chaperone service.

By providing these services, Seable’s social impact aim at improving wellbeing in the disabled community.

In the short term Seable aims to communicate to a greater customer base and to generate increased awareness, revenue and social impact. We also aim to recruit a larger team in order to scale up sales, marketing and social impact.

In the medium term your aim to offer further destinations - particularly those that will provide year-round opportunities (accessible winter sports, for example) - and develop holiday packages that both take advantage of new destinations and complement our existing spring/summer activities.

In the long term your will focus on bringing new and diverse opportunities, challenges and destinations for the blind and disabled to market. We aim to actively develop relationships to provide a large and attractive array of activities all year round, and to become the leading tour organiser of accessible active holidays in Europe.

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