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Good Practice 2017
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

HSBC Hong Kong Easy Invest app graph sonification innovation


United Kingdom

Logo of HSBC Bank Image of STMA Sonification Concept

The HSBC Hong Kong Easy Invest application is a mobile stock trading application for Android and iOS that helps customers negotiate more easily with stocks in Hong Kong, China A and the US. UU.

While their worked to ensure the accessibility of the application, your accessibility experts who helped the developers identified a particularly difficult aspect of the application to be fully accessible: how to make the action graphs easily understandable for blind people. They proposed an innovative solution to the challenge: use graphical sonification to allow blind people to "touch" the graph sonically by moving their finger along it. This had only been done before in PC applications to help blind students learn math, and it had never been done before on a mobile phone or in a conventional application.

The product manager of the app liked the idea, so an accessible user experience specialist from your team in London flew to Hong Kong to lead an innovation ‘mini-sprint’ with the dev team, backed up by user-testing from our panel of disabled testers in the UK. Within a few weeks they prototyped, user-tested and iterated the improvement of an innovative graph sonification system to allow blind people to get the complex information they need to make stock trading decisions in roughly the same time as sighted people. This was launched as part of the first release of the app in October 2017.

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