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Good Practice 2017
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies

Way finding information disseminated by Organisations Receiving Public



Logo Mobiped image of the proposal

Mobiped is a French Sustainable Mobility Designed for All consultancy. Among other service, assists organisations receiving public in defining and creating customised wayfinding information (access maps, routes) available directly on their own media. The last development and most advanced output is a dynamic web interface available on the Paris’ Museum “Home of Victor Hugo" website.

Main Design for All values (respect of human diversity, safety, health, ecology and sustainability) are fully integrated in the Mobiped approach for sustainable mobility. Other Design for All criteria (functionality, ease understanding, appeal and affordability) are taken into account and continuously improved from creation to creation. In Mobiped we are convinced that although we improve the existing situation, we are even more convinced that there is still a lot to do.

The Design for All strategy is evolutive. In one hand, it could be a unique solution by showing paths by stairs or by elevators rather than telling wheelchair users to choose the elevators. In the other hand, Mobiped provides adjustable, customized and personalised solutions.

In our working method we listen first to the needs of our clients depending and their willingness to pay between options among a set of service from one multimodal image map to a dynamic online interface with details for each means of transportation with specific information for some handicap situation. Second, Mobiped always adapts the production to existing media characteristics as graphic chart, colours, size available, etc.

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