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Good Practice 2017
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies

Quality of Use Managing System and Convenience of Living Spaces

CRIDEV-Research Center for Inclusion of Differences in Living Spaces


Logo CRIDEV Image of SMQU

CRIDEV organization invites us to move from simple accessibility regulation to Convenience of Living Spaces!

The tool: a "Quality of Use Managing System" (SMQU), based on every user appeals, no matter them own specificities and capabilities, includes a new vision of the construction process. Autonomy and may reach low cost to all who request aid.

From this perspective, CRIDEV developed a global approach that aims to improve comfort, security and wellness for every Human Being, and particularly, people limited in their autonomy or capabilities.

It is about humanising Living Spaces for and with all users.

It is about the sustainable development of the quality of life and the access to everything for everyone.

It is about being in a preventive approach centred on the "Quality of Use".

The SMQU, centred on the concept of Convenience of Living Spaces (CEV), establish a real collaborative and voluntary process of project management for the conception of living spaces. It includes three approaches: the "Collaborative Programming", the "High Quality of Use" (HQU) and the "High Quality of Service"(HQS).

To be efficient, the SMQU must be founded on a recognized and organized Master of Use, and on a consensual "Reference document", including the particularities of the most limited person in its autonomy.

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