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Good Practice 2016
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies

Xassess: crossdisciplinary framework in user centred design of assistive products

University of Zaragoza-howlab


Logo of howlab-University of Zaragoza Imatge of Xasses estrategics

Xassess is a specific methodological framework for assistive product design that interweaves different phases and types of assessments; it is materialised in a set of tools to be used individually or conjointly. This proposal, developed by the howlab of the University of Zaragoza, was validated in a real project, developing an online social network for the support of people with neurodegenerative illnesses with three different scenarios running in parallel.

Main conclusion is that the methodology contributes not only to achieve better results, but also to optimise the global process of managing the design of AP. Assessment should be considered from the beginning of the project and interweaved at every stage, include the vision of all the disciplines involved in the project, merge qualitative and quantitative methodological approaches, and serve as enabler of the shared understanding among different worlds.

As Xassess also allowed us to see innovation from a different perspective, we encourage its use as a design guide for Design for All and to tailor it to other design realms.

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