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Good Practice 2016
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

HSBC Hong Kong mobile banking app


United Kingdom

Logo of HSBC Bank Image of app

The HSBC Hong Kong Mobile App is one of the key digital means by which HSBC customers in Hong Kong can do their banking online, whenever and wherever they want. It allows customers to manage their personal accounts, reviewing their bank balance, moving money between accounts, and making payments to existing beneficiaries easily and securely.

While the original HSBC banking app (which was launched in 2013) won an Gold Award from the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer in Hong Kong for its accessibility in 2015, our accessibility testing of the app in 2015 suggested that its accessibility could still be significantly improved. Moreover, our research into the needs and preferences of disabled people indicated that many people, especially those with motor impairments, preferred to use our mobile app to our desktop site.

So the project to create an updated design of the app for 2016 aimed to use a 'design for all' approach to ensure that our work made further breakthroughs in the app's accessibility. We achieved this for its launch, in October 2016.

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