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Good Practice 2016
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Outdoor safety and access for, by and with the adolescents of Stord

Municipality of Stord


Logo Municipality of Stord Image of project

The project by Stord municipality highlights namely the involvement of the adolescents in the accessibility project of its centre. By building a community engagement and involving adolescents in the community improvement and upgrading of central areas promoting better access to everyone, the municipality has managed to build a bridge to a generation that can generate short-term and long term impacts and rewards to a community in an interesting way.

The project clearly demonstrates to its citizens that the group represents a core value in the community development and that fully accessible solutions complying with the needs of the community are depended on a cooperation with its community members.

An active adolescent council in Stord municipality has through its engagement and cooperation with the crime prevention council, managed to influence the municipality to mobilize for a more universal designed community. During the implementation of its project activities it has facilitated a model to allow the voice of the adolescents being heard and grant them an effective influence in the decision-making of the municipality.

The physical upgrading allowing a not very active community representation to be heard and play major role throughout the improvement project has been the formula for a successful information gathering and planning process, and an attractive project solution with universal designed centre as an effect. Meeting spaces in every urban district are developed in such a way that they are effectively recognised and perceived attractive and secure being visited by the adolescents and its community.


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