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Good Practice 2016
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies

Robbina, inclusive desk

Marianela Pavicich


Logo of Marianela Pavicich Image of Robbina

Robbina is an inclusive desk, developed to fit the needs of students. This desk is functional for people with or without disabilities. This desk, designed by Marianela Pavicich, is accessible for wheelchair and It has a central cut out to allow for the correct positioning, essential for children with motor disabilities. This desk is adjustable in height and angle.

Robbina has a friendly appearance and communicates quickly the functions and how to regulate. The work surface is totally symmetrical to give the same opportunities to all people. It has lateral edge to delimit the work area and a front edge to give greater comfort in the development of activities. The desk has two hand grips, one place for folders and two pencils holders.

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