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Good Practice 2016
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies

The physical insertion of a pupil with disability and his curricula adjustments

Josefina Maria Ocampo


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The project, developed by Josefina Maria Ocampo, is based on the study of the pupils' needs by disability on the university area. It tries to make a report of the pupils' quantity in the National University of Tucuman, classify his disabilities, alone to the ends of elaborating an action plan to offer the solutions that are needed. To give them tools already is: pedagogic or technical helps for his independence and autonomy in dealer of the career that they have chosen. In addition, elaboration, learning strategies between the own pupils, families and teachers of every academic unit, in order to provide an action plan adjusted to every need.

The principal objective of the project is promoted the development of the capacities and the appropriation of certain cultural necessary contents in order that the pupils could take part and to join his sociocultural way. To favor the equality of opportunities, to provide a personalized education, promoting the participation, the solidarity and cooperation between the pupils, improving the quality of the education and the efficiency of the educational system.

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