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Good Practice 2016
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies

The communication in persons with hearing loss

Josefina Maria Ocampo


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The project, developed by Josefina Maria Ocampo architect expert in accessibility, is a solution directed to the persons with auditory disability. It is a question of design of graphical and technological solutions that installed in the city, to urban level, solve the request of information. In addition, they provide clear, simple and concise information to the users with mental disability. If it is a question of technological solution, it is because it appeals to the use of the smartphone and tablets. In case of current information, it uses sign information located in strategic places, of contrasting colours and with characters’ macro. It answers to the article 9 of the International Convention of the Laws of the persons with disability.

The principal aim is to expire with the needs of users' communication with auditory and mental disability to generate interest for the graphical signs, from information and communication to urban level to present in an innovative way the sign information, using the new technologies (code QR, smartphones) To generate knowledge, to create interest for the communication and the information

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