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Good Practice 2016
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies

SORTYapp_Map Assisted Accessibility Application

Alternative Life Association-Ayder


Logo of AYDER Image of SortyApp

SortyApp, developed by Alternative Life Association-Ayder and mobile-compatible, is a map-assisted access guide for disadvantaged people with certain kind of special needs. It provides free online access information and the features of huge range of places to go in Turkey, such as hotels, restaurants, museums, tourist attractions, governmental institutions and much more. Sortyapp access guide can significantly improve a travel experience for disabled travelers by providing information about accessible transportation and accessible city attractions etc.

Although the project has started locally in Turkey, the plan is to expand its usability globally, given the fact that there are no examples in the world. In line with this, we are communicating with our global partners in order to make this app active in all around the world. Another potential of this product is to increase the awareness of the community to the subject of "How to approach disability". In case needed, these so called accessible location's staff are required to undergo an induction training session that informs them on basic access awareness, encouraging the use of the social model of disability.

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