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Good Practice 2016
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

didacPAL Project

Fundación Cidaris and Museo Paleontológico de Elche


Logos of Fundación Cidaris and Museo Paleontológico de Elche Picture of activity

Since 2007, the didacPAL Project, of Cidaris Foundation and Paleontological Museum of Elche (MUPE), has developed activities concerning to the divulgation and didactics of paleontology.

Initially designed for the whole public and school community (visits, workshops or paleontological itineraries), this project has evolved and actually contemplates activities that pay special attention to those groups that have greater difficulty in accessing to MUPE.

Different areas of the museum have been adapted for the project. Now they are accessible to the blind people or those with limited vision, deaf, elderly or visitors with intellectual disabilities, among others. Thus, we offer the same possibilities of science and culture enjoyment to the all society.

Different outputs have been obtained with the didacPAL project implementation. For example, "Las manos que ven" is a project dedicated to the collective of blind people or visually impaired. There are drawers in the museum with original fossils and replicas that can be touch and texts in braille

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