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Good Practice 2016
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Sjöängen centre of culture and knowledge, in Askersund: Special mention 2017

Askersund municipality


Logo of Askersund Photographs of Sjöängen Centre

The Sjöängen Centre for Culture and Education in Askersund is a unique project where public service, cultural arenas and secondary school are gathered into one accessible building. It is located in the centre of the town, on the waterfront of lake Alsen, and is largely surrounded by a park.

The building houses many different functions and organizations. The construction part of the project has been organized as a "Partnering project" between Askersund municipality and the main contractor, PEAB, meaning that the work progressed through a dialogue, based on the common interest of fullfilling the objectives, or "soul", of the project, together.

During the entire project, representatives from the involved organizations have participated in several hundreds of meetings, revolving around anything from the design of door handles and architectural layout, to organizational issues, all to safeguard the user-perspecitve. One group which has participated from the beginning is our "Accessibility group", with representatives for organisations. In addition, the municipality has conducted open meetings where inhabitants, other organizations and companies, have been given the opportunity to launch ideas about the project. Thus, the total involvement has created a rather lengthy process, but has proved to be invaluable for the end result.

The building has a classic but yet modern design, and its clean simplicity makes it beautiful and "understandable". We regard it is a good example of a combination of beauty and universal design!

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