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Good Practice 2016
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Manual on Accessibility of Natural Spaces in Andalusia

Consejería de Medio Ambiente y Ordenación del Territorio (Junta de Andalucía)


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The Manual on Accessibility of Natural Spaces in Andalusia arises from the need to establish some common criteria to evaluate the degree of accessibility of equipment and services for public use. The document, compiled by technicians from the Regional Ministries of Environment and Territory, Equality and Social Policy, and associations of disabled people, sets out the minimum standards necessary for a facility to be considered accessible, as well as practical, simple solutions to adapt and improve them.

The manual is structured into 4 parts:

-The first offers the necessary instructions to establish the degree of accessibility of facilities and services in any natural area, as well as determine the means necessary to achieve it.

-The second deals with environmental education and awareness raising activities, in which the necessary recommendations are made for adapting these to the diverse capabilities of applicants.

-The third, on the various ways of transmitting information and disseminating the values of natural areas according to the capabilities of participants: easy reading, Braille, audio guides, sign guides, labels, outlines or tactile objects, etc.

-The fourth is about attention given to people with distinct needs.

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