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Good Practice 2016
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

The Publishing Service

La Ciudad Accesible


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La Ciudad Accesible understands accessibility as a universal right that must be equally available to all citizens, since we are all beneficiaries of the application of the principles of accessibility. Aiming to democratize accessibility and to prevent exclusion and discrimination, La Ciudad Accessible launched its own publishing house (The Publishing Service of La Ciudad Accessible).

The idea of a publishing house or editorial services about accessibility derives from the concept of Open Source Accessibility (Accesibilidad de Código Abierto), created by us. By publishing academic articles, researches, manuals, journals, and books about accessibility, we generate more possibilities of knowledge exchange, formation of professional networks and awareness-raising.

By theses means, La Ciudad Accessible has made available to all a professionals a simple, cost-free system for sharing articles, academic findings, tests of users, etc. Now, researchers and all the people with a word to say about universal accessibility, inclusive design, and human diversity can publicize their thoughts, solutions and perspectives.  

Throughout only two years, we have edited 50 publications, which together form 7 collections. Dozens of authors of various kinds, such as users, professionals, experts, and researchers, have participated. All publications were made free of charge by La Ciudad Accessible and are available in digital format - PDF

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