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Good Practice 2016
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Zebra Planter



Logo of Zicla and Zebra Imatge of Zebra

Due to experience of ZICLA, through the years, will detected a circulation problem on cycle paths installed on sidewalks and pedestrian areas in general. It was then when came up with an idea for a new product: A planter which would be a visible protection for pedestrians.

It is important to consider that Zebra planter it is not design to be placed on the road but only on pedestrian and pacified areas. Again, for security reasons, the planter could not resist a car impact. The planter it is designed to absorb and minimize the consequences of a bicycle impact.

To manufacture the planter, we researched and detected potential suppliers of recycled plastic.

The planter can be strongly anchored to the pavement by four anchors and hold strong its verticality. The mechanical strength was tested before manufacturing by computational effort simulation and after, on a manufactured planter by applying several impacts.

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