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Good Practice 2016
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Accessible books: every person has the right to know all stories

Escola de Gente - Comunicação em Inclusão


Logo of Escola de Gente Imatge of books

A unique project designed so that every person, regardless of their disabilities and limitations, have access to all the stories created by humanity. From this challenge Escola de Gente - Comunicação em Inclusão developed the 100% accessible book, published in 10 accessible formats. This book, called "Day Dreams", written by Claudia Werneck and published by WVA Editora, after an intense survey of the obstacles faced by people with different disabilities, is published in 1) In print; 2) CD with audiobook and original soundtrack; 3) CD with audiobook version, original soundtrack and audio description of all illustrations featured in the printed version; 4) CD with DAISY version and description of all illustrations; 5) DVD with animated movie, original soundtrack and audio description; 6) DVD with animated movie, sign language and subtitles (CDs and DVDs also have their titles printed in Braille); 7) In DOC / TXT; 8) in PDF; 9) In Braille with the description of all illustrations; 10) in enlarged letters. This is a children's book, but its formats can be replicated by any publication. The distribution is totally free.

In addition, we have developed a methodology for sensitizing and spreading the concept of inclusion from the accessible book. At the most important cultural center in Rio de Janeiro, we made a playful and accessible installation where more than 1,700 people had the opportunity to try out the accessible book.

We all know that there is no developed society without the diffusion of knowledge through books. Escola de Gente goes beyond: there is no inclusive society without these same books being accessible to every person.

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