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Good Practice 2016
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Intercultural Management in the Bilingual Civil Registry

National Registry of Identification And Civil Status (RENIEC)


Logo of RENIEC Pictures of process

The Civil Registry is the main legal institution in the country; their records are permanent and are used to prove the vital events registered in there. Despite its importance, since 1852 it had always been carried exclusively in Spanish, regardless of whether the user understood that language, although about a quarter of Peruvian population speaks one of the 47 indigenous languages.

RENIEC (Registro Nacional de Identificación y Estado Civil- National Registry of Identification And Civil Status) has developed a better Civil Registry, so that we can all participate directly and register births, marriages or deaths, recognize our children, submit applications as well as the different supports, and receive care and orientation in our own native language. The entire procedure is bilingual, including the own records and certified copies have full legal value, being used without restrictions.

It is the first time that an institution makes a nationwide effort to provide the native peoples, instruments that allow their residents to interact in administrative proceedings using their own indigenous languages for the benefit of 7 million Peruvian indigenous people.

There are approximately 350 million indigenous people in the world, 45 million in Latin America and the Caribbean; as seen, the potential to be replicated is quite high since the BCR is designed to be applicable in the Vital Records Offices in any country already, since its conception is universal.

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