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Good Practice 2016
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Mini Accessibility Jam



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The Mini Accessibility Jam is a design event, where a group of people with different disabilities explains their accessibility needs. A group of creative people get together by teams to solve these problems just in one day. This event is part of the awareness and dissemination activities carried out by Calícrates in order to spread the design for all. For this, the event had sign language interpreters and portable magnetic induction loop.

The first Mini Accessibility Jam was presented 3 projects with 3D modeling and the place chosen for the activity was the Fab Lab Coworking, accessible to people with wheelchairs.

In each of the groups there was one person with a disability as a participant in the creative team and the projects were evaluated by experts from different fields.

Finally, the event had talks and workshop performed by many experts in accessibility, design, 3D modeling and robotics.

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