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Good Practice 2016
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Connected IMIROIR® Bench

Cécile Planchais


Logo of Cécile Planchais Imatge of Connected IMIROIR bench

The Connected IMIROIR bench is a new application of this bench, designed in France by Cécile Planchais, for public or private indoor or outdoor areas.

The IMIROIR® bench is sound, remotely programmable and accessible to everyone. The transmission of the sound by the vibration of material creates a feeling of immersion in the environment. The sound broadcasted by IMIROIR wraps the and listener and its immediate surrounding.

The IMIROIR sound quality and comfort allow the listener to enjoy all kind of programming and makes it a wonderful object of contemplation and socialization.

The hearing accessibility takes an attractive form. Its design is developed to offer good quality and comfort of listening to hearing and hard of hearing audience.  Issues faced by hearing and visual impaired, such as background noise, are the main focus of this proposal who makes cultural and informative sound contents accessible to all.

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