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Good Practice 2016
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

PUBLIC Program



Logo mago:URBAN Image of different models

The PUBLIC Program of concrete seating for public space has been developed by los díez and produced by mago:URBAN, keeping ergonomics and proxemics in mind, to respond effectively to the requirements and to the needs of ever wider segments of society, which deserve special attention, such as the elderly, the disabled, the overweight people, the pregnant or lactating women, etc., becoming a clear example of inclusive design or "design for all".

The different elements that make up the Public Program, with their typological diversity, have developed beyond their mere conformation as seats to become spaces of encounter, relationship and dialogue.

PUBLIC has been created with the aim of merging the economic advantages of the three-seater bench and the functional optimization of the individual seat with armrests, as these facilitate its use at the critical moment of sitting or standing.

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