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Good Practice 2016
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Design for all walkability audit PPAS AU

Société Logique


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Include in any part of a journey, walking has countless virtues in terms of health, by adopting a physically active lifestyle, enabling social participation and preserving personal autonomy. In this sense, walking is a prerequisite for maintaining the quality of life. However, pedestrian infrastructures are punctuated with obstacles making often the practice of walking difficult and unsafe for pedestrians. Furthermore, limited data are collected by municipalities to identify concrete problems at the street and intersection levels for pedestrians.

To answer this question and measure walkability at the neighbourhood scale, the Design for all walkability audit PPAS AU was designed by Société Logique to characterise the extent to which urban environments where active transportation occurs are functional, comfortable and secure for all pedestrian. The PPAS AU audit is a new observational audit tool which included Universal Design (UD) criteria and has more than and hundred validated indicators. The PPAS AU* audit come with a user-friendly toolkit including a illustrated user guide, a standard evaluation report, input forms and one or two-day training as required.

*Audit de potentiel piétonnier actif sécuritaire et accessible universellement

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