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Good Practice 2016
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Östersund´s Ski and Biathlon Stadium

City of Östersund


Logo of Östersund Different images of the stadium

The development of Östersund Ski Stadium has been a major positive impact on the regional industry, where existing companies and businesses around the ski stadium and Arenabyn be maintained and grow and new actors and activities must be guaranteed.

Ostersund Ski Stadium will also be customized, economically, environmentally and socially, to large business events and be able to meet the organizers, service providers, companies, visitors and athletes' needs, requirements and preferences in a qualitative and sustainable way.

The ski stadium will be one of the most accessible winter sports venues in the world for training and events regarding winter sports on narrow skis and for the entire project the city of Östersund has based its strategic plan with Design for All.

Investments in accessibility:  Induction loops in the stands and in the media center, accessibility modifications in the media center, ramp up to the ski tracks, toilets, warm shelter for people with special needs, paving the grandstand, asphalting the whole roller-ski track, worked to create särkilda track sitski, new service building for the active high accessibility (for the World Championships and Paralympic sporting events), new entrance to skid stadium.

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