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Good Practice 2016
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

"Wash your hands with Ben the koala"

Signes de sens


Logo Signes de sens Logo and photos of the application

"Wash your hands with Ben the koala" is an app, created by Signes de sens, for children with autism, that proved to be effective with all the children (3 years old and more) with or without disabilities, that shows users how to wash their hands properly.

The method the app offers couldn't be more simple: it showcases an animated video of Ben washing his hands, following the instructions of the World Health Organization on the matter. It relies on imitation which is at the core of the learning process.

Without any unnecessary visual or sound information, the app provides an entertaining but clear environment that allow children to focuses on the task. At the bottom of the screen, a timer let the users know how far they are in the process and how long there is left.

Ben the koala relieves the parents or the caregivers of the struggle of having to repeat over and over again the same gestures. The children are able to rely on Ben the koala to learn and correct themselves, giving more space and time to the adult to notice the progress of the child, or for educational talk about hygiene.

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