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Good Practice 2016
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Seable active holidays for physically and visually impaired people: Special mention 2017

Seable Holidays

United Kingdom

Logo of Seable Photographs of activities

Seable is a social enterprise which provides accessible, active holidays for people with limited mobility and/or sensory impairment. They offer the chance to participate in a holiday that improves confidence and skills for life, challenging perceptions of disability and blindness.

Currently in the UK, holidays for disabled people tend to be overpriced and limited to the provision of accommodation and transport. There is a need for holidays that provide the disabled community with affordable stimulating and unique holiday activities that build confidence, challenge perceptions of the boundaries of their disability and foster independent living.

Seable offers stimulating and inspiring tailor made holidays that improve self-confidence and develop skills for life. The holidays include a fully accessible package of sport, leisure and cultural activities. Seable’s packages can also provide all travelling, catering and accommodation, as well as a fully professional chaperone service.

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