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Good Practice 2015
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies

Inclusive Choir: Special mention 2016

Inclusive Choir


Logo Inclusive Choir Photograph of members of a inclusive choir

Inclusive Choir mix disabled and non disabled chorists on the basis of the following fundamental humanist value: all chorists are equal, regardless of their origin, age or health. Inclusive Choirs therefore build on the following five key concepts, drew inspiration from the practices of Cultural Democracy, Culture for All and Access to Culture:

- Mix independent people and people in situations of dependency

- Use the Choir as a way of opening up the institution (retirement home, etc) to the outside world

- Build an artisitic project with Excellence in mind

- Train the Choir Master so that he/she is aware of the issues and challenges of the participants

- Chose work / Activities that are adapted the specific needs of the chorists.

The network of Inclusive Choirs© is built on five principles:

- Bring people and communities together through choir practice

- Offer vulnerable people (people with disabilities, in institutions or aged) or people with no access to cultural bodies the same quality of musical teaching

- Make the transition from one place to another easier (change of retirement home, school, etc) by a common portfolio of songs, known by many chorists

- Develop music practice in a geographic area, awakening people to music from their childhood onwards and along their life.

- Create intergenerational events, that are modular and that different organisations can adapt according to their specific situation.

Based at experience and exchanges with Michel Giraud, Thierry Thibaut, et Joël Le Toullec and the inspiration of Jean-Pierre Joly and Micha Stafford, have created the Association Cœurs en Chœurs, which has become Hearts in Harmony and is part of Europa Cantat at european level. The "Au Choeur de la Ville" is an association of local choirs on Inclusive Bois-Colombes, a town near Paris.

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