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Good Practice 2015
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies

The single-platform spaces of coexistence (DoctoralThesis)

Delfín Jiménez Martín (EQAR)


Logo EQAR Images of examples the single-platform spaces of coexistence

The single-platform spaces of coexistence (level surfaces or shared surfaces), or EPUC in its Spanish acronym, have become singular spaces whose development in recent decades has resulted in an undefined variety of types. This has led to many difficulties in their use, often also related to certain confusion about the concept of coexistence and shared spaces in themselves.

Three research areas are posed to study the improvement of accessibility for shared surfaces (EPUC):

Finally, the study made by Delfín Jiménez Martín of EQAR proposes design alternatives to enable good use of these spaces for everyone.

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