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Good Practice 2015
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies

“Double handled brush”

Umanima, Association de zoothérapie


Logo Umanima Image of the Double handled brush

This brush has been developed by Umanima, a non-profit organization which the objective is maintaining and / or improving the well-being and cognitive, physical and psycho-emotional autonomy of the people through the animal.

The brush transmission from one hand to the other was not possible for a person with cerebral and physical palsy. By using the double-handled brush, this allowed her to make transfers from one hand to the other and so work with both hands, at first in a dissociated manner and then in a coordinated way.

Specifically, the double-handled brush allows people to raise both arms at the same time on the same gesture.

It also allows learning to use both arms when a person has had a stroke or muscular deficit due to an accident or birth.

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