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Good Practice 2015
Category: Projects, proposals, methodologies and studies


Asmae Essaissi


Logo Asmart Design of the Escabri

Present homeless shelters are located in fixed places and may not be reachable by all homeless People. During winter times, people who cannot reach the designated homeless shelters may freeze to death or catch serious illness in their search for a homeless shelter. In crowded cities there also are occasions when these homeless shelters are full and can accommodate no more People.

The objective of Escabri, designed by Asmae Essaissi, is to provide shelter to those who desperately need and to make it simple, flexible and easy to use.

The design is for a shelter that is mobile, cheap in cost, functional and light in weight.

The idea of a mobile shelter is inspired by the SNAIL that carries its home everywhere. A snail has a coiled shell that is large enough for animal to retract completely into.

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