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Good Practice 2015
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Gres ceramic tiles for urban solutions: Special mention 2016

Access Safety


Logo Access Safety Photo of a pedestrian crossings with gres ceramic

Pedestrian crossings are critical areas in which road safety is a priority. The purpose of this product, developed by the company Access Safety is to improve the most complex points of urban mobility where pedestrians and vehicles coincide, thus minimising accidents which occur as a result of poor visibility or slipperiness.

The gres ceramic is a unique material that presents several characteristics that are relevant for its use in the public domain:

- It can be produced in any colour or texture.

- Is extremely strong and durable.

- It has a very low porosity level and therefore is extremely resistant to ice and stains.

This material was selected to design safer pedestrian crossings because:

- It can be 50% more anti-slippery than requested in more demanding legislations.

- By creating a crossing with black and white tiles there is no need for slippery paints and their maintenance.

- The surface shape allows low vision or blind pedestrians orient themselves while crossing and it obliges silent vehicles to produce a soft sound while rolling over it.

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