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Good Practice 2015
Category: Spaces, products and services already in use

Spinal cord Injury treatment in Cruces public Hospital: Special mention 2016



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Cruces University Hospital is the reference center for the Basque Country for patients with Spinal Cord Injury, has always offered a universal health care and quality for people with spinal cord injury.

These are patients whose life has changed them completely, so they must learn to face a very different reality, in short to live differently.

Therefore they have come to a more functional care, taking advantage of the stay in the hospital to train the basic tasks of daily living.

Always respecting the universality of our service and the gratuity, we wanted to simulate the rooms and bathrooms of a home in our hospital rooms.

These rooms were designed and equipped with the most cost effective solutions/functionality based on the following principles of design:

- Automation accessible to all people

- Overall automation of entire house

- Affordable Automation or subsidized

- Hoist innovation and integration of automatic doors

- Straight Connect bed-toilet-shower with Hoist

The installation is not only a technological breakthrough they make available to disabled patients an environment to train the possibilities of transfers and control the environment and achieve maximum autonomy in the hospital.

Ensure independent mobility and capabilities of each patient who can learn to have control over the elements of the environment and to enjoy leisure, communication and comfort of form adapted to their needs.

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